Alexia + Daniel: Nashville Cotton Field Engagement

From day one, Alexia knew she wanted her engagement session to be in a local cotton field outside of Nashville, TN. Seriously, she was a girl with a plan!! I absolutely loved her determination to get the perfect shot, and I was dedicated to capturing her engagement session to Daniel perfectly!

The day didn’t come without a few minor setbacks though. In a phone call to the Historic Sam Davis Home, we were told the worst possible news… no cotton. However, I was determined to uphold my promise of a cotton field engagement session so off to Google Maps I went! I scoured the area via satellite, consulted a few local photographers, and found a local farmer that had the cotton we needed!

My engagement session with Alexia + Daniel in that cotton field was an absolute dream. The two danced their way through the rows of cotton, and we laughed at the wind that continued to ruffle Daniel’s hair.

After our adventure in the cotton, we packed our bags and headed over to the nearby Historic Sam Davis Home to grab a few golden hour shots. This historic plantation is an absolute dream venue, and I’m dying to return for another engagement session or wedding! We chatted and laughed as we walked the long driveway to the Plantation house where we stood in awe of this historic home’s beauty.

We ended the day with my absolute favorite shot: I told them both to jump with all the joy they’ll have when they’re FINALLY married. If the picture is any indication, I think you can tell they’re ready for the wedding ;)

Alexia + Daniel, you are both gems, and I am so lucky to have celebrated your engagement and upcoming wedding in such a fun, adventure-filled way!


I first met this beautiful couple through a mutual friend, Britt, who Alexia & I were proud to stand beside at her own wedding a few months before.


This cotton field was the perfect setting of our day. What a better time than an engagement session to practice your first dance?


Happy engagement, happy wedding, happy everything. You two deserve it all!

Love, Maggie


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