Anna + Billy: Rainy Nashville Couples Session

Most of the time I personally write the blog posts about my beautiful clients. All of the time, actually. But this one time, I wanted to let them speak for themselves. In the short time I spent with Billy and Anna during their rainy, Nashville couples session, I cannot even begin to count the amount of “I love you’s” that were exchanged. More than anything, these two are genuinely kind to one another. They build each other up with affirmations of love and congratulations in a way that’s so rare nowadays. So, because it’s this pretty lady’s birthday today, I asked (told) Billy to write a letter to his love. Grab the tissues folks. This is going to be a good one.


My Anna Banana,

People over use the word “blessed” to the point that using it makes me queasy, but there is not another word I can think of to describe my feelings. I feel blessed that you’re in my life, and that I’m in yours. I feel blessed that I’ve gotten to spend the last year of your 20’s with you, that I will be with you into your 30’s and beyond. Over the last year we’ve made so many memories, and gone on so many adventures it would be impossible to pick one out as my favorite. The night we met, and you pounded 2lbs of steak, hanging out in an Atlanta extended stay counting broken beer bottles, and honey mustard packets in the stairwell. Breaking into apartment pools because the one at the extended stay was drained after a code brown. Tubing down a river where I was almost killed by a giant spider, and also almost died flipping my tube going down a waterfall. Cedar point where we rode roller coasters until you almost puked, and we played rock paper scissors because I wanted to sit in front (It’s important to note I am still rock paper scissors champion). All the downtown Nashville adventures that are too many to even summarize. I could go on for hours but I’ll stop here; because despite having so many fun times and amazing memories with you, I’m most excited for the memories we’re going to make, together, as a family. I love you Anna, with everything I am. You’re the most interesting, amazing, funny, stubborn, motivated, intelligent, caring person I’ve ever met. I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for us, and what you achieve. Happy Birthday




I promise I did not encourage Anna to run on a slippery bridge during our rainy couples session in Nashville! But, I can’t promise I didn’t laugh along with Billy after she promptly busted her butt… thankfully, Billy was right there and quickly helped her up. She was laughing at her tumble, and yelled out to me: “Please tell me you got that!'“ To which I responded: “Billy, you’ve found the one. She’s a keeper.”


Thank you both for surrounding me with such an aspiring love. I cannot wait to see what is in store for both of you.

Love, Maggie


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